Who We Are Bitcoin is the money of the future!

Voomar believes that digital currency is the future of money, and that bitcoin will fundamentally change the world as we know it today. We provide our clients with access to a secure investment in bitcoin.

Why Own Bitcoin

If you invested $1,000 in bitcoin in two years ago it would be worth about $19,000 today! The increasing adoption of bitcoin together with the limited supply should ensure this increasing value trend continues. Your investment now could be worth a lot more in the near future. We make it possible to invest safely and securely in bitcoin.


Until recently it was challenging to buy bitcoin and store it securely. The learning curve associated with doing so was enormous, and only appealed to the most hardened bitcoin enthusiasts. Now Voomar offers easy access to an investment in bitcoin. We’ve made bitcoin accessible by designing our offering with our clients’ needs in mind.

Security First

Our enterprise level security measures ensure that our clients’ bitcoin is stored securely, with up to 97% stored offline in safe deposit boxes and vaults distributed around the world. This is an important safety measure to ensure that your bitcoin is stored securely.


It shouldn’t be rocket science to make an investment in bitcoin. We’ve removed the mystery around bitcoin - getting it and keeping it secure - for your benefit.

Our services Bitcoin is our business. Voomar offers uncomplicated purchase of bitcoin that are securely stored and protected.

The Voomar Bitcoin Fund

For a minimum initial investment of $10,000 the Voomar Bitcoin Fund is an ideal vehicle for an investment in bitcoin as the speculative portion of a balanced portfolio. Benefits of this investment include professional asset management and enterprise level security to ensure the investment is secure and insured against loss.

Consulting services

Collectively, we have a wealth of experience in the bitcoin space. Interested in advice on cryptocurrency as it relates to your company? Enquire about our cryptocurrency consulting services.

Meet Our Team

Michael Bouchier

Chief Financial Officer

Though Michael is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is highly regarded in his field, he’s not your typical accountant profile. For the last fifteen years Michael has been creating successful startups, and has sold two of his businesses to large listed companies. Michael is passionate about bitcoin and wants to see Voomar’s clients benefit from the massive growth in bitcoin.

Ramone Karodia

Chief Technical Officer

MSc, cross-functional developer skilled in agile and test driven development also with extensive startup experience.

Alexis Boshoff

Chief Executive Officer

Alexis' belief in bitcoin as the future of money and as one of the most innovative technological inventions of our time motivated him to leave the tech startup he worked for to co-found Voomar. With his vast experience in bitcoin mining, research and day trading, he is dedicated to bring Voomar to an international market giving anyone easy and secure access to bitcoin.

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